(N. Ripley 2017) 09NR178B (07NRK001Sdlg X 08NRK022Sdlg) Tet. Rip’s Royal Purple is like looking at purple velvet in the garden. It blooms for a long period of time and is a rebloomer. Flower is 5.75”, height 28”, 3 to 4 way branching with 18 + buds, mid late season bloomer. Fertile both ways, and a strong plant that rarely spots. This is stunning diamond dusted rich purple flower and is my Finest Purple Daylily to date. Named for my husband, so you know it is special. A thick flower with a bluish eye going into green throat. Large rich royal purple petals, with large ruffles, bluish colored edge matching the throat, ending in white edge with metallic sparkles. My husband chose Royal Purple to be named by him when it first bloomed. Rip’s Royal Purple does not disappoint, truly a wonderful flower, plant, and parent. Double fan, $150.00
. SOLD OUT! Please contact Nan if you'd like your name added to the waiting list.

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12NR233 (I Remember You x Rip's Royal Purple)
12NR277 (Rolling Raven x Rip's
Royal Purple)
2018 Intro N. Ripley tet 'DANCING AWAY WITH MY HEART'

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