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2015 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2015) 08NR105 (Sdlg x Sdlg) Tet. This flower was chosen by my lovely sister in law Barb Magnuson, to be named for her. Medium red with darker red eye and edge with dark green throat. Very strong & consistent round flower. This flower looks the same at 7:00 am and 10:00 pm. Rain and wind don’t worry this pretty flower. Plant habit is robust, very hardy in our zone 4 garden, and a good increaser. Four way branching, with 20 bud count, 5.5" Flower, 29" height, Dormant, M season, fertile both ways. Double fan for $100.00. Limited supply



(N. Ripley 2015) 07NR456 (J.T. Davis x Sdlg)Tet. This dazzling bright yellow flower makes any garden shine. It always makes me smile when I see it, thus the name. If you are looking for a flower to stand out in your garden and make the other colors come to life this flower is for you. You can see it shining like a beacon from far away, pulling you into the garden. 6" flower, 31" height, Dormant, M season, Bright Lemon Yellow, large ruffles, some ruffling on the sepals , strong scapes with dark green foliage, green throat, heavy substance, blooms for a long time. Hardy in our zone 4 garden, very strong flower and plant habit. Fertile both ways. Double fan for $100.00. Limited supply



(N. Ripley 2015) 06NR160 (Johnny Cash x Cosmic Sensation) Tet. This is the darkest flower I have introduced so far. A very saturated deep blackish purple color, with a wonderful white Picotee edge on the petals & sepals. Kids coming from it are even darker. Nice 6" flower, 29" height, Dormant, EM 4 way branching, 22 buds, Fertile both ways, but not easy pod setter. Good increaser and strong plant habit in zone 4. Double fan for $50.00. Limited supply

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