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2011 Introductions


(N. Ripley 2011) Tet.05NR238. Diamond Dusted, medium bluish purple, with lighter bluish lavender water mark eye continuing into green throat. Double edge starting with bluish purple, ending with silver metallic filigree edge. 39" 6.5" EARLY MIDSEASON, 18 buds, 3-way branching, rebloomer in my garden.

Where do I begin, on the wonderful attributes of I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. I have always had a passion for clear clean purples and this is my finest to date. A fast increaser, never seems to have a bad hair day, early opener, is the easiest pod parent in my garden, plays nicely with any color, throws large flowers, and is a joy to behold. If you are looking for a beauty that is a hard worker in your garden, I CAN ONLY IMAGINE is your flower. This flower is a great parent so a BIG yes for the hybridizer, tall and large flower with no faults in my garden. I CAN ONLY IMAGINE performs so well in the garden I recommend it to anyone. $50.00 double fan.

'I Can Only Imagine' on rebloom




(N. Ripley 2011)
05NR141 ((Tet Red Eyed Dynamite sdlg. x San Ignacio) x Lavender Cascades). 5.75", 32", 3-way branching, 20 buds Dormant, Mid/late season, fertile both ways. GLADY, MY LITTLE CHICKADEE was named for my second mother, Glady Ripley. Glady, is my bookkeeper when we have a sale in the garden. I could not have a sale without her excellent help. GLADY, MY LITTLE CHICKADEE is a round full form with diamond dusting all over flower. Pink Lavender with darker bluish eye. The eye starts out with a line of darker fuchsia color then to a bluish lavender into the throat turning into green. The petals & sepals are the same color of Pink Lavender. The triple picotee edges of the petals start with a fine line of the same darker fuchsia color then go to same eye color of bluish lavender and finishing with a fine metallic sliver filigree edge. The color has always been dream like. I am using this flower in my pattern eye program, as it is an excellent parent and throws some interesting eye patterns. If you are working with pattern eyes in the north, you will want Glady, My Little Chickadee. The name says 'Little" but the flower is not, at 5.75" on 32" well branched scapes and a wonderful parent. $50.00 double fan.

Gladys helping Nan

Gladys turning 99 years young, January 3rd, 2018
Nan, Gladys, and Merwyn Ripley


(N. Ripley 2011) Tet. 05NR373 (Odds & Ends X Mildred Mitchell). 7.5"-8" Height 32", Dormant in zone 4, 3-way branching, 20-25 Buds, Extended Blooms Em. It is my pleasure to name Winifred Esther for a good friends, sweet mother. Unusual form Cascade, the hotter the weather the more Winifred Esther cascades. Diamond dusted luscious saturated large pink petals and sepals, with light bluish eye and matching double picotee edge. Winifred Esther shows some white teeth on the edge of petals when the weather is hot. The foliage is always clean, low and arching. There are so many scapes on the three year old clump you see very little foliage. Flowers never gets hung-up, and open early even in cooler weather. Finding a tall, large, hardy fancy ruffled edged flower with lots of buds that sets pods in the North is exciting. The flower is over 7.5" in my garden, on a nice 3 year old clump. 3 to 4 way branching is the norm for Winifred Esther with over 20 buds per scape. Always a show stopper. Winifred Esther is lined in the field garden which is our coldest garden, and has proven very hardy in our zone 4. First bloom was sighted in Mothers Garden planted in 2005, and has been a favorite. Winifred Esther is proving to be an excellent parent. $75.00 double fan.


2018 Introduction 'Faithful Rainbow Connection'

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