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Great Creator


(N. Ripley 2017) 10NR593 (Randy Stephens x Red Friday) Tet. Dormant, flower 5.5”, Height 36”, 4-5 way branching, very easy pod setter, pollen excellent. Early morning opener, rebloomer, blooms for a long time. Beautiful Raspberry Red flower with Green throat, depending on temperature and sunshine, you have white teeth and or light yellow teeth. Always teeth on petals and sepals. Covered with diamond dusting. Great branching, bud count, and we consider Great Creator to be a bud builder. Oh yes, like Scarlet Pimpernel, from the first flower that opened on 10NR593 I took notice. When I walked to the flower and saw the plant under this flower, I marked it. Second year I divided it and moved it to another part of the field garden. I have marked it every year thereafter. Yes, first bloom. It has not disappointed me or anyone who has seen it or grown it. Great Creator was tested from the South to the far North and is hardy across the country. I held Great Creator an extra year so I would have enough to fill the list of people who had asked to purchase it when it became available. I even had 4 extra plants to have on our website available, but these were sold when I put Great Creator on our Facebook page. Many people sell single fans, I do not, I send double fans for my introductions. We always ask our customers not to divide our plants for at least a year. Dormant daylilies increase in the fall. $200.00 DF. We now have a few more of Great Creator for sale for spring of 2020 and, if you live in the South, we can ship this fall.

Picture taken on 7.01.16 on lined out plant
15NR060 (Great Creator x Dream Window)
Karol’s seedling number 35816 (Great Creator x Sdlg. 20214)

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