(N. Ripley 2023) 16NR335B (Sister of Mine X Seedling). Diploid. Height 35", flower 7", semi-evergreen, very hardy in my garden (Zone 5), 3-way branching, 12-14 blooms, strong scapes. It will rebloom if enough water but not consistent. Midseason bloomer and blooms a long time in my garden. Large, elegant pastel pink diamond dusted flower with yellow to green throat, raised white midrib, with darker pink lines on both sides of midrib, gathered ruffles. Interesting coloration on the sepals: raised light yellow center moving out to darker pink stripes, then a flared light pink edge. Nice spacing between flowers on the scape. Light fragrance. I have been enamored with this flower since its first season of bloom. It never disappoints garden guests. Fertile both ways. Double fan, $100.00. LIMITED!

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