(Mary Frank Gaskins-N. Ripley 2023) A-58 (Voodoo Magic x Dove in Flight). Tetraploid. This is a very clean and well put together flower hybridized by my good friend Mary Frank Gaskins. Flower size 5.5”- 6”, height 31”, 3-way branching, 15+ buds, early, reblooms most years but not every fan, semi-evergreen but acts like dormant. Smooth cream white covered in diamond dusting, deep purple eye and large purple ruffed triple edge, bright green throat. Very finished flower that opens well and looks good morning to night. Easy parent in my garden. Hardy in my Zone 5, but she'll probably do better in Zone 6 or above.

Mary Frank felt this was her best in this color combination, and it is a personal favorite of mine as well. I have futures by “Walking in the Spirit” and more to come. The first three pictures were taken by Mary Frank in her garden. The others were taken in my garden. Double fan, $175.00. LIMITED!


16NR325B Marilyn Monroe X Walking in the Spirit

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